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Catie Hoch - Vision, Empathy, Awareness

Catie Hoch drew her last breath on May 18, 2000. She was 9 years old.

If you do not know Catie's story, I ask that you try to learn more about her, then share the details with others, as it is both incredible and inspiring.

For any beautiful child to die at the age of 9 is horrific, unfair and devastating. But Catie Hoch was wonderfully unique. As a child she was physically ravaged by both the cruel and aggressive disease and the tortuous treatments intended to cure her.

Despite the intense pain and suffering, she had the vision, the empathy and the awareness to observe that other families receiving treatment were also struggling with the financial burdens that a cancer diagnosis brings.

Think about that.

Catie was a 9 year-old - approaching the end of her life - and she had the audacity to believe that she could help these other families. A dying 9 year-old girl infectiously positive, enthusiastic and caring. Her enthusiasm motivated her loved ones - and then her entire community.

Before she passed away, she challenged us - to find a way to "Give kids a break from cancer." Catie Hoch's love is very much alive. Today and everyday - Catie continues to...

  • Provide emergency financial assistance to families of children with cancer 

  • She pays for housing at Ronald McDonald Houses across the country

  • She provides gas, parking fees and food to families in treatment

  • She "Adopts" families of children with cancer during the holidays

  • She treats kids to special days away from the hospital and infusion rooms

  • She purchases medical equipment to give comfort

  • She pays for research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

  • She provides patient support at Albany Medical Center Hospital

  • She has even paid college tuition for kids that have battled through their own cancer treatments

Your support of Teeing Off on Cancer helps Catie to continue to do all of these things and more. We are very grateful.

Next Saturday during our tournament we will pull the winners of our Grand Prize Raffle. The winner of raffle prizes does not need to be present at the event to win.

Take a chance, and help Catie continue to "Give kids a break from cancer!"

Thank you

Patrick Swan

Teeing Off on Cancer

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